Gabriel Burstein PhD

CEO Co-Founder, Chief Cryptocurrency Specialist

Gabriel Burstein is Head of Crypto Assets and Crypto Indices Strategy. He is a cryptocurrency and a crypto fund specialist as well as a multi-asset and alternative portfolio strategist.
He has been for over 20 years a head of alternative and multi-asset portfolio investment strategy and fund investment research groups. He was the Global Head of Fund Investment Research at Lipper, US (mutual and alternative funds) and Global Head of Asset Management Research at Reuters, US; Head Global Macro Strategist and Head of Relative Value Research at HSBC Bank, US; Head of Investment Strategy at Jackson National Life’s Curian Asset Management, US; Portfolio Strategist at Oppenheimerfunds, US and Head of Specialized Research, Sales and Trading for hedge fund strategies at Daiwa Europe, London, UK.
His initial training and background is in alternative strategies and quantitative portfolio management at Goldman Sachs. He holds a PhD in stochastic optimization, the mathematics of portfolio construction from Imperial College of London University where he was a US Army Research Fellow.

Dragos Cazacu

COO Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

Dragos Cazacu is the COO and co-Founder of KryptoIndex. He also acts as the head of product management and business strategy.
He has over 30-year experience in financial consulting, computing, management, economics and financial education. He has delivered financial solutions to BRD Societe Generale, Alice Fund Management in France, National Bank of Greece, Experian Scorex – Monaco.
Over the last 25 years, he was an active entrepreneur and investor in start ups in Fintech Industry such as FincoRating in France, Maquis and FincoNet in Denmark
He is specialized in quantitative portfolio management, performance and risk analytics. He holds a Master Degree in International Finance and a Master Degree in Computer Engineering.

Mihai Serban

Quantitative developer and database engineer

Mihai is the quantitative developer and database engineer for KryptoIndex.
He has been for over 9 years a project manager and quantitative developer of risk management solutions and investment fund analytics. His work covered risk management, portfolio management and technical analysis.
Mihai holds a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Vladimir Dumitrescu

Smart contract engineer and senior developer

Vladimir Dumitrescu is the senior developer and smart contract engineer for KryptoIndex.
He has been an Oracle database, web and financial applications developer working for IT consultant firms delivering solutions for financial institutions including banks.
He is a blockchain and ERC20, Ethereum network specialist with a background in cryptocurrency mining.

Mihai Ene

Legal Counsel Consultant

Mihai has been one of the legal counsel consultants for KryptoIndex.
He is a corporate lawyer with over 10 years experience. He has been involved in legal support and legal coordination for clients involved in financial transactions, IT and global business support. He evaluated legal risks and created the best contractual limits that offered the optimal legal and the optimal fiscal terms.
For the last six years, Mihai has also been involved in risk management solutions, financial and fiscal advice to global corporations which were involved in acquisitions and share transfers.
Mihai is a dully authorized lawyer, specialized in Corporate, Financial and Fiscal Law. He is also licensed in Business Law and dully authorized for corporate legal advice and support.

Adrian Boc

Brand Designer

Adrian Boc has been the digital and graphic designer for KryptoIndex.
Adrian has over 6 years of experience in brand consulting, working as a brand strategist and designer. His work covered ideation, research, strategy and design implementation for both local and international clients, in IT&C, FMGC and Financial sectors.
Adrian has a MS in Branding Management & Corporate Communication and a BS in Marketing.